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SN Home Maintenance and Construction can handle remodeling, additions, and new construction jobs, but we’re also happy to help with the small ones. We also offer handyman services assisting you with the small odd jobs around the house. You can hire a company with the reputation and experience that SN Home Maintenance and Construction offers, with the knowledge and ability to take care of all of the small repairs that your home needs. In fact, we started out as a company that could take care of all large and small repairs around your house, hence the name SN “Home Maintenance” and Construction. We can offer these services to you in two methods. We can provide you with a detailed quote that will not change unless the scope of work changes, or we can offer our services at an hourly rate. Whichever works best for you.

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We can help with almost any type of home repair.  If mother nature has taken her toll, it wasn't installed correctly the first time, or if it's just plain worn out.  We can help you make it like new again.

Repairs: Gallery
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